Active sourcing

Briefly explained: Active sourcing is the identification and proactive approach of promising talent to fill advertised positions.

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Type: Framework

Briefly explainedAngular is a JavaScript framework developed by Google. It is used to develop web applications.

Known Companies that use Angular:

  • Google
  • Forbes
  • Asana

Apache Struts

Type: Framework

Briefly explainedApache Struts is a Java framework. It is mainly used for developing server-side web applications. Struts provides tools and features that help developers manage and design the architecture of applications, such as Model-View-Controller (MVC).

Known Companies using Apache Struts:

  • Apache Software Foundation
  • Adobe
  • Sears


Briefly explained: An API (Application Programming Interface) is a collection of protocols, interfaces and tools that enable different software systems to communicate with each other. In doing so, data can be exchanged and services can be provided for other systems. An example of an API is payment services in an online platform.


Type: Framework

Briefly explained: Aurelia is a JavaScript framework. It is mainly used for web application development.

Known Companies that use Aurelia:

  • Microsoft
  • Adobe
  • GE Healthcare


Type: Framework

Briefly explainedBackbone.js is a JavaScript framework. It is mainly used for web application development.

Known Companies that use Backbone.js:

  • AirBnB
  • SoundCloud
  • Groupon


Briefly explainedThe backend is the technical component that runs in the background of an application. This is not visible to the user. This is also referred to as server-side development.


Type: Framework

Briefly explainedBeego is a framework for Go. It is used to integrate databases, route requests and manage sessions.

Known Companies that Use Beego:

  • Alibaba Group
  • DiDi Chuxing
  • ZTE Corporations

Applicant management software

Applicant management software is an application that enables the electronic and automated processing of recruitment requests. It is used to make the recruitment process more effective for recruiters and applicants. Typically, applicant management systems are cloud-based software-as-a-service solutions that can be accessed anywhere and at any time. This software supports recruitment, job ad placement, employer brand management and application form management. It digitizes the application process and applicant management, resulting in faster and more efficient handling of application processes. The large selection of providers on the market requires a detailed Applicant management software comparisonto find the right solution for a company's individual requirements.


Briefly explainedA library is an external file used by developers to simplify their code. Ready-made code modules, e.g. functions, are used.

Big Data

Briefly explained: Big Data is a term that describes a large amount of structured and unstructured data. With certain technologies, such as NoSQL databases, this weakly structured data can be processed to derive knowledge from it.


Type: Framework

Briefly explained: Blade is an open source Java framework developed by Alibaba. It is mainly used for developing web applications. With Blade, developers can quickly and easily design the user interface of their applications and don't have to worry about complex details of HTML and CSS.

Known Companies that use Blade:

  • Alibaba
  • Tencent
  • China Mobile

Boolean operator

Briefly explainedA Boolean operator is a concatenation of operations that returns a Boolean value as a result. The best known Boolean operators are "AND", "OR" and "NOT".


AND: The expression "A AND B" is true if both A and B are true.
OR: The expression "A OR B" is true if either A or B or both are true.
NOT: The expression "NOT A" is true if A is false and vice versa.


Type: Framework

Briefly explained: Bootstrap is an open source front-end web framework originally developed by Twitter and now maintained by the open source community. It is based on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and is mainly used to create user interfaces for websites and web applications.

Known Companies that use Bootstrap:

  • Coursera
  • Pinterest
  • HubSpot

Bulma CSS

Type: Framework

Briefly explainedBulma CSS is a front-end web framework based on CSS and designed to be used in conjunction with HTML markup. It provides various user interface components and layout options that help developers create responsive websites and applications quickly and easily.

Known Companies that use Bulma CSS:

  • OpenAI
  • Square
  • Twitch


Type: Programming language

Briefly explainedC is one of the classic programming languages. Almost all operating systems are based on it. C and its extension C++ are particularly suitable for hardware-related programming, since they are translated into machine code. Thus, in addition to operating systems, very performant applications and games can be programmed. 

Known companies that use C:

  • Microsoft: Windows operating system
  • Apple: Operating systems like macOS and iOS
  • Adobe: Photoshop and Illustrator

C# (C-Sharp)

Type: Programming language

Briefly explainedC# is Microsoft's further development of C++. In conjunction with the .NET framework, application and also games for PC and XBox can be developed. Depending on the framework C# is versatile applicable. For example in web development (ASP.NET-Framework), in game development (Unity-Game-Engine) or in mobile development (Xamarin-Framework).

Known Companies using C#:

  • Microsoft: Windows operating system
  • Adobe: Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Uber: Platform


Type: Programming language

Briefly explainedC++ (or CPP or Cplusplus) is the extension of C. The language is particularly suitable for hardware-related programming, since it is translated into machine code. It is used, for example, for the development of operating systems, 3D graphics, embedded systems or also in application and game development.

Known Companies that use C++:

  • Amazon: Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Intel: drivers and other software for processors and hardware
  • Electronic Arts (EA): game development such as FIFA and Battlefield


Type: Framework

Briefly explained: CakePHP is an open source PHP framework. It is mainly used for web application development.

Known Companies that use CakePHP:

  • Bayer
  • Honda
  • LG Electronics

Candidate Experience

Briefly explainedThe candidate experience refers to the experiences and impressions that an applicant (candidate) gathers during the entire application process. This includes, for example, communication with the recruiter or filling out the application form on the website. A positive candidate experience can contribute to the applicant deciding in favor of the company. A negative candidate experience can have the opposite effect.

Candidate Journey

Briefly explained: The Candidate Journey is the path that a candidate goes through during the application process. It includes all the steps from the initial contact with a company to the interview and the contract. The Candidate Journey can consist of various stages, such as visiting the company website, interacting with employees or completing tests and exercises. Companies generally try to make the candidate journey as pleasant as possible for applicants in order to increase their attractiveness as an employer and strengthen employee loyalty.

Candidate Persona

Briefly explainedA Candidate Persona is a fictitious profile of an ideal candidate created by a company to optimize the recruiting process and candidate approach. It contains typical characteristics such as age, gender, professional experience, skills and interests of the ideal-typical candidate in order to target the right people. The creation of a Candidate Persona is an important part of employer branding and helps to find and address the right candidates for an open position.


Briefly explained: The term "cloud" refers to external servers on which data, applications and resources are stored, processed and managed.

Well-known cloud computing providers are:

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google Cloud Platform (GCP)


Type: Programming language

Briefly explainedCOBOL (Common Business Oriented Language) is a programming language developed by IBM and used for the development of business applications. It was developed back in the 1950s, but is still used today. COBOL is mainly used in the finance and insurance industry and in the public sector, where the processing of large amounts of data is involved. Its good readability and simplicity make it comparatively easy to maintain.

Known Companies that use COBOL:

  • American Express: Financial transaction processing applications
  • Wells Fargo: financial transaction processing applications
  • JPMorgan Chase: financial transaction processing applications


Type: Framework

Briefly explained: Codelgniter is an open source PHP framework. It is mainly used for web application development.

Known Companies that use Codelgniter:

  • British Airways
  • Hitachi
  • Cisco Systems


Type: Programming language

Briefly explainedCoffeeScript is a scripting language based on JavaScript. It allows web developers to write their code in a more compact, easier and readable way. It is a simplified version of JavaScript that does away with semicolons and brackets, for example. This makes the code easier to read and write.

Known Companies that use CoffeeScript:

  • Less company-specific than dependent on the developer


Type: Markup language

Briefly explainedCascaded Style Sheet (CSS) is, contrary to many claims, not a programming language, but a markup language. CSS can be used to design HTML pages. 

Cultural Fit

Briefly explained: Cultural fit is the degree to which a person's values, attitudes and behaviors match those of an organization. It is about whether a person fits well and feels comfortable in the corporate culture. In human resources, cultural fit is often considered an important factor in the selection of employees, as it is believed that people who fit well with the company culture are likely to stay with the company longer and perform better at work.


Type: Programming language

Briefly explained: Dart is an object-oriented, compiled programming language developed by Google. It is mainly used for developing web, mobile and server applications. Dart is used in particular with the Flutter framework.

Known Companies that use darts:

  • Google: Application Development
  • Capital One: Mobile app development
  • Reflectly: Development of a self-management app


Type: Framework

Briefly explained: Dropwizard is an open source Java framework. It is mainly used for developing RESTful web services and server-side applications.

Known Companies that use Dropwizard:

  • Etsy
  • Netflix
  • Groupon


Type: Framework

Briefly explainedEcho is a framework for Go. It offers a wide range of functions and tools to develop efficient applications.

Known Companies that use Echo:

  • None known


Type: Framework

Briefly explained: Ember.js is a JavaScript framework. It is mainly used for developing user interfaces for web applications.

Known Companies that use Ember.js:

  • Microsoft
  • Netflix
  • LinkedIn

Employer Branding

Briefly explained: Employer branding is the way a company presents itself as an employer and how it stands out from other employers. The goal of employer branding is to position the company as an attractive employer and to increase employee retention. Employer branding can be implemented in a variety of ways, for example by presenting the company's culture, offering opportunities for further training and career development, or supporting work-life balance.


Type: Programming language

Briefly explainedF# is a functional programming language developed by Microsoft. It was originally developed for use in scientific computing and the financial industry. However, it is now also used in areas such as data analysis, artificial intelligence and web development. It offers the possibility to process large amounts of data quickly.

Known Companies using F#:

  • Microsoft: Azure Cloud Platform
  • Blue Marble Geographics: geographic data processing
  • Jane Street: development of the financial platform


Type: Framework

Briefly explainedFlutter is an open source framework developed by Google. It is used for developing native look-and-feel for iOS and Android apps. Flutter uses the Dart programming language and provides developers with a set of tools and libraries that enable them to develop powerful and user-friendly mobile apps quickly and easily.

Known Companies that use Flutter:

  • Google: Mobile app development
  • Groupon: Shopping app development
  • Alibaba: development of the e-commerce platform


Type: Framework

Briefly explained: Foundation is a front-end web framework used to create responsive websites and applications. It provides features like responsive grid systems, fonts, icons, forms and notifications.

Known Companies that use Foundation:

  • AT&T
  • BMW
  • eBay


Briefly explained: A framework (also development environment) is a template of pre-built functionalities and structures that simplifies the creation of applications for developers.


Briefly explainedThe frontend is the user interface of an application (e.g. a website) that the user can see and interact with. This includes, for example, texts, images, buttons and other interactive elements. This is also referred to as client-side development.


Type: Framework

Briefly explainedGin is a web framework for Go. It is widely used for building APIs and microservices.

Known Companies that use gin:

  • Baidu
  • Tencent


Type: Programming language

Briefly explained: Go is an object-oriented programming language developed by Google. It is mainly used for the development of network services and system software. However, Go is also used in data analysis and in the development of cloud applications.

Known Companies that use Go:

  • Google: Application Development
  • Netflix: Backend applications and data analytics
  • Docker: Tools for containerization